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Covid-19 vaccines losing effect against Delta variant, says WHO official

Covid-19 vaccines are showing signs of reduced efficacy against the Delta variant of coronavirus variant, a World Health Organization (WHO) epidemiologist on Monday said. However, the vaccines are still found to be effective at preventing severe illness and death. The WHO official added that in the future, there might be a "constellation of mutations" which means vaccines are likely to lose…

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Delta Plus Variant of Covid-19 Spreading Fast in India, May Defeat Vaccine

As India continues to fight the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, it is also struggling to contain the increasing spread of the Delta variant, which has further mutated as Delta plus. According to reports, Delta plus, also known as ‘AY.1’ variant or B.1.617.2.1, is considered to be the most dangerous variant of Covid-19.So far three states have reported cases…

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Study Finds Previous Covid Infection May Not Offer Long-term Protection

Previous infection with Covid-19 does not necessarily protect against coronavirus in the longer term, especially when caused by new covid variants of concern, a study on healthcare workers suggests.Oxford University researchers found marked differences in the immune responses of medical staff who contracted Covid, with some appearing far better equipped than others to combat coronavirus six months later.Scientists, on the…

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