Here’s how some of the Asian countries are fighting Covid-19


In terms of coronavirus cases, the country has the most number of coronavirus cases in Asia and the second-most in the world. So far, a total of 30.5 million people have come into contact with coronavirus and more than 400,000 have died. Currently, there are 85,350 active cases of coronavirus in the country and 29.6 million people have recovered. The recovery rate in the country has increased to 96.97%. The weekly positivity rate in India remains below 5 percent. In terms of vaccinating citizens of the country, so far, more than 350 million vaccine doses have been administered in India.


Iran is battling the deadliest virus in the region and has warned it could be hit by yet another wave of infections. President Hassan Rouhani also warned people to be careful as “the Delta variant has spread” in southern provinces. The country has reported more than 3.2 million cases of Covid-19 and 84,516 people have died. There are currently 246,000 active cases of Covid-19 and more than 2.9 million people have recovered. So far 5.72 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine have been administered in the country.


Pakistan stands at number 7 in terms of coronavirus cases in Asia and 961,085 people have been infected with the deadliest virus and 22,379 have succumbed to the virus. There are currently 32,319 active cases in the country and 906,000 people have recovered from Covid-19. Pakistan has administered 16.3 million vaccine doses. The country has also warned its citizens about the possibility of a fourth wave of coronavirus in view of the Delta variant. The first case of the delta variant was reported in Pakistan on May 28 and in the next week, the country saw more infections in travelers coming from the UAE. Recently, the delta variant of coronavirus was also found in people who have returned from other Gulf countries.


A slow pace of vaccination against Covid-19 has compounded the problems of the country, which has reported 1,340,000 people have been infected and of these, 17,256 have died since the start of its outbreak. Currently, there are 87,377 active cases in Iraq and 1,255,203 people have been cured so far. Only 805,000 doses of the vaccine have been administered in Iraq, which is less than 2.5% of the 40 million of its population. Cases of the Delta variant of coronavirus are rising in Iraq.

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