Delta Plus Variant of Covid Undergoing Mutation Called K417N

The Delta Plus variant, a mutated version of the more aggressive B.1.617.2 strain of coronavirus that drove the second wave of infections in India, is undergoing an additional mutation called K417N. This mutation could become a “variant of concern” if unchecked, said AIIMS Chief Dr. Randeep Guleria. He further added that India needs to learn from the United Kingdom where the said variant is causing a surge in cases.

AIIMS Chief Dr. Randeep Guleria also said, “We can’t take this virus casually. We have to understand that the virus is changing and changing to survive and infect more and more people, therefore we need to be aggressive and try to be ahead of the virus. The United Kingdom did a very good job by having an aggressive lockdown for many many months and when they started opening up, the new variant, the delta variant, caused a surge in the number of cases. What it means is we are also in a similar vulnerable scenario and if we are not careful right now then after 3 or 4 months,we will again have a similar situation and that is why we need to be very aggressive. The Coronavirus is mutating, changing, and new variants are coming up.

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