Understanding Male Depression: Depression in Men

Understanding Male Depression

Understanding Male Depression: Depression in Men

Depression is an illness that can affect both women and men. However, mental healthcare workers see far fewer men with depression. It looks like men suffer from this illness just as often as women, but they are less likely to seek help. Depression in men is treatable, and it is crucial to seek help as soon as possible. If you are a man and reading this post, make sure you even go through What is Depression to know more about depression.

This post will discuss symptoms of depression in men and how men can come out of depression without any hassle. So without any further ado, let’s jump onto the next topic.

Depression in Men

Men think about depression differently as compared to women. Men tend to be far more concerned with being successful, competitive, and powerful than women. Most men don’t like to admit that they are suffering from depression and are less likely to discuss it with their friends, family members, and doctors. Men tend to feel they should not depend on others and that they should rely only on themselves. Some women also hold this traditional view of men.

Symptoms of Depression in Men

  • Feeling hopeless and worthless
  • High levels of anxiety
  • Feeling sad or unhappy
  • Loss of appetite
  • Loss of sex drive
  • Loss of concentration power
  • Thoughts of suicide
  • Lapses in personal hygiene

Some other symptoms of depression in men are mentioned below;

  • Feeling irritable than usual
  • Complaining more about physical problems
  • Not performing efficiently at work
  • Unable to talk about things
  • Worrying about things more than usual

Depression and Relationship

Research shows that the most prominent problem connected to depression is trouble in a marriage. Depressed men cannot cope with disagreements and arguments as it makes them more uncomfortable. In a relationship, depression in men often leads to a situation where a man’s partner will try to talk about a problem, but he will do his best to avoid talking about it. The partner feels ignored and tries to talk to her man about depression, which makes the depressed man feel nagged. This circle makes both partners uncomfortable and destroys a relationship.

Depression and Sexual Life

A depressed man tends to lose his sexual desires and goes off-sex completely. Many studies have shown that men who are depressed have intercourse just as often, but they tend to feel less satisfied than usual. Another problem of depression in men is antidepressant drugs. Antidepressant drugs are administered to men who suffer from acute depression, and these drugs tend to reduce the sex drive in men. Some men have even complained about impotence as they suffer from depression. Impotence can also contribute to depression in men.

This post was all about depression in men. Depression is one of the most prominent illnesses in men across the globe. Treating depression at the right time can help both men and women come out of it. We hope you understood about depression in men and its symptoms. For more related posts, subscribe to Natural Health Boosters.

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