Increasing Immunity To Fight Against Corona Virus

The outbreak of coronavirus pandemic has left us all to fight a continuous battle to safeguard our health. Although, the infectious disease is affecting all individuals but the pregnant women are more prone to getting infected by it. The reason behind this is that their immune system weakens during pregnancy. Hence, the best way to fight the pandemic is to build your immunity and take precautions to stay away from it.  When it comes to fighting pandemic, precautions such as washing hands, covering your face are fundamental but what gives you an edge in staying healthy is your immunity. Why Is It Essential To Make Your Immune System Strong To Stay Safe From Corona virus? Your immune system protects you from illness, germs and toxins. It helps you to build resilience against infections.  If your immune system is not strong enough to defend your body against viruses and infections, the functioning of essential body organs may get affected.  At the time of pregnancy, certain changes take place in the immune system of women.  Moreover, the immune system plays an important role in maintaining a healthy pregnancy. This makes it more important to boost the women immune system to fight against Covid-19.

Essential Ways To Boost Your Immunity

Although, you might feel a little weak but there are few things you can do to make your immune system strong to protect yourself from viruses and infections.

  • Don’t skip Workout

Workout is one of the best ways to enhance your immune system. It results in better circulation of the blood cells and antibodies. Doing regular workout also minimizes the stress and chances of catching infections and viruses. However, exercise should be done in moderation. Doing too much exercise may devitalize your immune system and reduce your energy. It’s recommended to exercise daily for 25-60 minutes.

  • Don’t take too much stress

Your mental health and immune system are directly connected with each other.  When you take huge amount of stress, your body releases a hormone that affects your immune system. Moreover, it has been found out that women who take stress are more vulnerable to viruses.  It’s because women who are in stress don’t take care of their eating habits that affects their immunity.

  • Take care of your diet

A healthy and strong immune system fights infections faster. When you have a weak immune system, your body is less likely to fight the infections. Hence, it’s essential that women that a healthy diet that is rich in Vitamin C, Zinc and other antioxidants. It’s also essential to avoid processed and fried fruits.  You should include whole food and fermented food in your diet. These help in building up bacteria that boosts the immune system.

  • Don’t compromise on your sleep

 Your immune system needs an adequate amount of sleep for proper functioning. If you’re sleep deprived, your body releases hormones that keep you awake. This may affect your immune system.  So, it’s crucial for you to take enough amount of sleep to come down with cold and infections. Moreover, sleep repairs and repairs the human body.

Immunity Boosting Foods

 Since there is no vaccine available for the Covid-19 yet, there are some natural energy boost foods that you can inculcate in your diet to cope up with the infections.

  • Yoghurt

  Yoghurt helps in the formation of bacteria that safeguard you from the virus.  It’s a natural probiotic that is essential for your body. You can even resort to health supplements because for a better immunity, you need probiotics.

  • Turmeric

Turmeric is known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The compound present in turmeric help in healing the wound and infections. That’s why it is recommended to drink turmeric milk.

  • Natural Antivirus foods

Tulsi leaves, ginger are the immunity boosters that ensure protection from flu and viruses. For strengthening immunity and removing toxins, you can have tulsi drink.

  • Vitamins

Vitamin C and Vitamin D are crucial for boosting immunity. You should consume foods and vegetables that are rich sources of Vitamins.

  • Zinc

Zinc is another essential nutrient that improves your metabolism and immune system. You can take zinc supplements or diet that contains zinc.

Which Food Supplements Should Women Take To Improve Their Immunity?

To meet up the nutrient deficiencies and boost the immunity system, women take supplements such as folic acids and vitamins. However, in addition to these food supplements, women should take the following nutritional supplements as well:

  • Calcium

Calcium is required to strengthen the bones. It is required for the proper development of bones. Women should intake adequate calcium through health supplements to fulfill the deficiency of calcium.

  • Iron

The demand for iron increases in women especially during pregnancy to cover up the blood and oxygen requirements.

  • Magnesium

Deficiency of pregnancy may increase the chances of hypertension. Food supplements help in reducing the risk of various complications that may arise in women during pregnancy.

  • Folic acids

Folic acid prevents the brain and spinal cord defects.

Your own safety lies in your own hands. Hence, you should take adequate measures to enhance your immune system by taking nutritious diet and energy boosting supplements.

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