How To Boost Your Immune System To Reduce The Chances Of Getting Infected By Covid-19?

Covid- 19, commonly known as coronavirus, has posed imminent dangers to humanity.  It has affected a large number of people globally. However, it has been found that more men are vulnerable to the viruses compared to women. One of the potential reasons for this is the bad habits among men and their risky behavior. But the question that arises is what can help men in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic? Well, it’s none other than their own immune system. A strong immune system is essential for fighting the Covid- 19 pandemic. While maintaining hygiene standards is important, but improving your immunity is of paramount importance at this stage.

How To Boost Your Immune System?

If you have robust immunity, you’re less likely to get affected with virus. Hence, it has become very crucial for men to incorporate positive changes in the lifestyle to stay healthy and fight infections. The immune system can be improved with the natural diet as well as with the intake of supplements and immunity boosting foods. Here are some ways to make your immune system strong:

  • Improve your diet

Our diet plays a significant role in the maintenance of health and immunity. You should consume a diet that is low in carbohydrates to minimize the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes. To stay fit, you should focus on consuming a protein rich diet. Further, you should consume foods that are rich in antioxidants and essential vitamins.  Consuming certain foods such as mushrooms, tomatoes, green vegetables can help you to make your body strong against the infections.

Moreover, the intake of health supplements that are high sources of fatty acids can also be beneficial.  Some natural immunity health boosters include ginger, gooseberries, and turmeric.  There are several sorts of herbs such as garlic, black cumin etc. that can strengthen your immune system.


  • Get enough amount of sleep

 Don’t compromise on your sleep.  Take an adequate amount of sleep because it revitalizes your body. You should set up a schedule and stick to it everyday.  For a good hygiene and immunity system, you should sleep for around 7-8 hours. It’s because inadequate sleep may make you feel tired and may affect the body functions that can directly impact your immunity.


  • Keep yourself hydrated

 You should drink at least 7-10 glasses of water to keep yourself hydrated.  Drinking plenty of water removes waste from your body, prevent infections and make sure that your cells get the essential nutrients. It also helps in the proper functioning of the organs.

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  • Regular exercise

 A daily exercise routine must be followed for an effective immune system.  People who do regular exercise are less likely to fall sick as compared to those who don’t.  Exercise helps in controlling body weight, reduces blood pressure and protects against a variety of diseases. It reduces the amount of toxins in the body. You should exercise for at least 30-45 minutes based on your energy level.  It’s a good time to follow a daily exercise routine. There are a number of you tube channels to guide you on various exercises based on your body type. It’s a crucial step in improving your immunity.

 Reduce stress

 The current time may have an impact on your mental wellbeing. The constant indoor stay and the growing stress due to the pandemic may deeply affect your mental health.  Moreover, stress reduces the functioning of the immune system and might negatively affect you.  You are likely to make bad decisions when you’re in stress. Hence, you should look for different ways to minimize the level of stress.

  • Do meditation

When you’re in stress, your body releases a hormone named cortisol that makes your body vulnerable to infections.  This may leave you full of anxiety. Hence, the best way to do away with the stress is to practice meditation and stay calm.

  • Don’t smoke or consume alcohol

Since Covid-19 is a respiratory disease, it damages the lungs.  It also affects breathing. Hence, individuals who are suffering from prior lung diseases are more susceptible to the virus. Smoking too much may result in the weakening of your lung capacity. It also destroys the cells of the respiratory tract that protect the body against viruses.  So, if you want to minimize the risk of getting infected by coronavirus, try quitting smoking.

  • Don’t travel unnecessarily

Avoid unnecessary travels.  Try to avoid traveling in public transport to reduce the risk of getting exposed to the virus.  If it’s important for you to travel, keep yourself protected by carrying a hand sanitizer and covering your mouth by mask. Sanitize your hand every time you touch the surface.

 Supplements and immunity boosting foods than make the immune system strong

The need of the time is to boost your immune system to fight against the virus.  Although, the above mentioned tips will help you to strengthen your immune system but there are certain supplements to boost your immune system. A few of the supplements and super foods that can help you in making your immune system strong are:

  • Zinc

 Zinc is an essential component of white blood cells that fight viruses and infections.  Deficiency of zinc in the body can make an individual more vulnerable to infections. Hence, it’s necessary to take an adequate amount of zinc.

  • Turmeric and Garlic

Curcumin, a compound that is found in turmeric improves the functioning of the immune system.  Similarly, garlic possesses anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that enhance the immunity.

  • Vitamin C

Vitamin C is the best nutrient to boost the immunity. It protects the body against flu and cold.  Being a strong antioxidant, it protects the body from the stress damages.  Vitamin C has significantly helped the individuals suffering from acute respiratory distress syndrome.

  • Elderberry

Elderberries are rich sources of phosphorous, iron, copper and vitamins.  The antibacterial properties of elderberries help in fighting against cold.

  • Vitamin D

Vitamin D protects against respiratory tract infections.  You should consume Vitamin D supplements to boost immunity.

Besides taking a nutritious diet and health supplements, you should also take proper precautions to fight against the Covid-19 by staying indoors, maintaining social distancing and avoiding unhealthy food.

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