How to cope up with the mental health during the pandemic?

How to cope up with the mental health during the pandemic?

A few months ago no one would have imagined that the world would be facing health crisis and recession. But today, the world is gripped by the fear of Covid 19 where mental health is emerging as the major concern for people.

The fear of the virus has left people anxious and has forced them to adopt the path which they wouldn’t have considered under normal circumstances. One of the major reasons for the growing anxiety is the uncertainty that can cause a sudden change of plans. This makes it hard for people to cope up with lockdown and reduce the boredom that drives anxiety and affects mental health.  But it’s essential to find out different ways to manage and protect your mental health to reduce the feelings of anxiety and frustration.

Ways to protect your mental health

While it’s pretty normal to be anxious during this tough time but there are certain ways that can improve your resilience power:

  • Avoid watching news

Watching news constantly is a source of frustration. So, you should make sure that you avoid watching the news. And if you do watch, then you must ensure that the information you receive is from a reputable source.  Also, you must try to do other activities to distract your mind from the crisis and to enjoy normalcy.

  • Plan to deal with social isolation

Social distancing is the new normal in the future time. It is widely advised as one of the ways to tackle the pandemic. However, most of the individuals seek connection with others to share their emotions and feelings. Hence, it’s important that you find a creative way to stay in touch with your connections.

  • Take care of yourself

You should take good care of yourself by practicing meditation, yoga, eating a well-balanced diet, taking plenty of sleep, and reducing the consumption of alcohol and drugs.  This will help in strengthening your immunity.

  • Avoid worrying unnecessarily

Try to avoid unnecessary stress and worry. Remember the positive things happening in your life instead of noting down the negative ones. This is also a good idea if you’re suffering from a pre-existing mental health problem.

  • Distract yourself

When people are dealing with the tough times it’s better to cope up with the problem by categorizing it into different parts so that you can become familiar with the ways to deal with it. Indulge in different activities such as reading books, watching movies to have a balanced life.

  • Stay physically active

Being physically active and getting fresh air helps to minimize the anxiety. Doing regular exercise keeps depression away. So, you should focus on staying physically active and getting outdoors.

  • Be kind to your own self as well as others

Self-compassion is very important for coping up with the mental and emotional challenges.  Face your mental health struggle with kindness and patience rather than being self judgmental.  Also, try to offer support to others who are dealing with the same situation as you. Your little care and compassion can make a lot of difference.

It’s evident that social distancing and isolation have lead to an increase in stress and anxiety but dealing with it in a healthy way can make you more stronger and relieve your stress. Hence, instead of neglecting your mental health, you should just focus on facing it during these difficult times.

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