Why Do You Need to Eat More Kiwis?

Why Do You Need to Eat More Kiwis?

Do you know, kiwi has another name – tiny but mighty. It is because this small fruit gets you a pack of big nutritious punch in your body. Kiwis come with many impressive health benefits, and it is a great way to add diversity to your diet. Most people consume some common fruits like apples, oranges, bananas, and adding kiwi to the mix gives us the opportunity to experience different nutrients, textures, and flavors.

Besides nutrition facts, do you know that these guys come with a ton of vitamin C with many other kiwi health benefits? In this post, we will tell you why you need to consume more kiwis in your diet.

Kiwi Nutrition Facts

Even a small bite of kiwi can be instantly refreshing because one kiwifruit holds more approx. sixty grams of water, according to the United States Department of Agriculture. Beyond keeping your body hydrated, this bad boy offers you a full menu of nutrition. It offers other kiwifruit health benefits as it has a high concentration of key nutrients and vitamins. Here are some of the kiwi nutrition facts as per the USDA.

  • Approx. 42 calories
  • Approx. 1 gram protein & 0.5 grams fat
  • 10 grams carbohydrate
  • 2 grams of fiber
  • Approx. 5 grams of sugar

Kiwi Health Benefits

Aids Digestion

We all know that most fruits aid digestion and kiwis are no exception. Studies prove that kiwis aid in improving the consistency of stool movements and reduce abdominal pain or discomfort. Both gold and green kiwis are the right choices for people with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).

Boost Immunity

Kiwis come packed with a ton of illness-preventing vitamin C. Let us tell you that there is approx 64mg of vitamin C in just one small kiwi. This amount of vitamin C in kiwi is more than 85 percent of RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance). Beyond offering a punch of vitamin C, these fruits have a lot of vitamin E. Kiwis even provide us with antioxidants that may fight free radicals, which cause the development of cancer and heart diseases.

Treats Asthma

Many studies and research have found that adequate vitamin C intake is associated with decreased severity of many medical conditions. Adequate consumption of vitamin C is proven to reduce the duration and extremity of colds, and colds are known to trigger asthma flare-ups. It shows that the consumption of vitamin C-rich fruits are important to keep your lung function normal and manage asthma.

Reduces Blood Clots

Kiwi’s health benefits for blood are numerous. In addition to optimizing your blood pressure, kiwi has the power to reduce the formation of blood clots as well. One study found that people who consumed at least 2 kiwis per day reduced their potential for the formation of a blood clot. You need to know that you can’t rely on kiwis alone to keep your blood healthy.

These were some of the kiwi health benefits, along with kiwi nutrition facts. Kiwi is a small fruit but is proven to aid multiple illnesses and disorders in the human body. We hope this post helped you to learn the benefits of kiwi and its nutrition facts. For more health-related articles, follow this section of Natural Health Boosters closely.

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