Reduce Your Fatty Liver By 75% With Green Tea Extracts

We all know that liver is good-sized and one of the most vital organs in our body. It is vital to ensure that it functions efficiently as it is responsible for handling toxic load in our body. In recent years, we have witnessed an unprecedented rise in ailments related to the liver. Fatty liver is one of the most common diseases for which doctors suggest exercises and some changes in the diet. As per recent reports, people suffering from non-alcoholic fatty liver may benefit by replacing high-calorie beverages with green tea. This blog will help you learn some green tea benefits for the liver and how green tea can reduce your non-alcoholic fatty liver by up to 75%.

Green tea benefits for liver

Fatty liver illness has become one of the most common global health issues, and it is going to worsen with the kind of lifestyle people are living. Millions of people are suffering from risk factors such as obesity and type-2 diabetes, and because of this high prevalence of risk factors, it is forecast that this disease will affect more than 100 million people by 2030. As of now, there are no validated therapies for fatty liver disease.

Various studies have found that combining green tea extract with exercise can reduce the severity of obesity-related fatty liver by as much as 75 percent. The study was conducted in mice fed on a high-fat diet. Although the formula is untested on humans, results suggest a potential health strategy. Combining green tea extract with exercise can deliver numerous health benefits for humans.

Green tea benefits for liver: The study

In a study, mice were given a high-fat diet for 16 weeks. These mice consumed green tea extract and exercised regularly by running on a wheel. It was found that these mice just had a quarter of the lipid deposits on their livers compared to those who were in a controlled group. Mice that were treated with exercises or green tea alone had almost half as much fat in their livers compared to the controlled group.

By examining the livers of these tested mice after the study, it was seen that mice that consumed green tea extract and exercised regularly were processing nutrients in a different way. Even their bodies were handling food differently. A researcher said, “We think that polyphenols that come with green tea extract interact with digestive enzymes and inhibit the breakdown of protein, fat, and carbohydrates in food.

Benefits of green tea for liver

There are endless benefits of green tea for the liver. All you have to do is choose the right brand of green tea extract and consult your family doctor in case you are suffering from any health condition. Green tea contains a variety of nutrients and antioxidants that detox your liver and other organs. In order to ensure better overall health, you can consume green tea twice a day regularly. That was all about the benefits of green tea for the liver. To learn more about green tea, read the below-mentioned articles.



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