Proven Keto Diet Benefits and Risks

keto diet benefits and risks

Proven Keto Diet Benefits and Risks

We all know that the keto diet has a massive fan base across the globe. You may have even come across some fitness trainers, dieticians, or nutritionists touting the keto diet’s health benefits. But the fact is that the studies on the keto diet have been performed on a small population of humans or rats. People are often misguided by the unreal health benefits of the keto diet. In this post, we intend to show you the real side of the story. This post will walk you through the keto diet benefits and risks on your health.

Possible health benefits of the keto diet

Apart from weight loss, the keto diet may also help you treat or prevent certain disorders or diseases. Here are some of the health benefits of the keto diet:

  • May treat Type 2 Diabetes

In September 2016, research published in the Journal of Obesity & Eating Disorders discussed that the diet could help treat type 2 diabetes. It even suggested that the keto diet can lead to improvements in HbA1c levels (lower blood sugar levels).

  • Treats obesity

A study found that obese individuals who were on a low-calorie ketogenic diet lost more weight, including visceral fat (belly fat), compared to those on a typical low-calorie diet. A study published in Journal Endocrine in December 2016 shows that the keto diet may also help you preserve your lean body mass during your weight loss journey.

  • Prevent cancer

One of the biggest benefits of the keto diet is that it helps prevent and treat certain types of cancers. The keto diet may be used in combination with chemotherapy in order to cure cancer. More studies are required to determine if keto can play a role in cancer treatment and prevention.

Keto diet risks

The keto diet’s potential health benefits are impressive, but there are a few keto diet risks to note. In this section, we will discuss some of the health risks of the keto diet.

  • Flu-like symptoms

One of the most common side effects that people experience when on a keto diet is flu-like symptoms. Most people experience flu-like symptoms, along with headaches and fatigue. This side effect of the keto diet is so common that there is a name for it – keto flu. Symptoms of the keto flu can even worsen if you continue following the keto diet. That is because your body tends to lose water weight, which can lead to dehydration.

  • Kidney stones & vitamin deficiencies

Some other potential health risks of the keto diet include vitamin & mineral deficiencies and kidney stones. When you limit or eliminate certain food groups, it’s obvious to experience a nutritional deficiency in the body.

These were some of the keto diet benefits and risks. In order to avoid the aforementioned risks of the keto diet, make sure a certified dietician or nutritionist plans your diet. We hope you got to know about the benefits and risks of the keto diet. For more articles, follow this section of Natural Health Boosters closely.

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