How to maintain your fitness while staying at home during the pandemic?

The coronavirus pandemic has affected our life beyond imagination. It has not only forced us into staying at home but has also affected our physical activities. Many women who are fitness freak have found a change in their daily exercise routine due to the closure of gyms and fitness centers.
However, you need not to worry about your fitness if you’re stuck at home due to the pandemic. It’s possible for you to be fit and reduce the chances of inactivity by performing simple exercises at your home with minimal equipment.

At Home Exercises For Women

Regular exercise helps in the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle and mindset. It also removes bacteria from the lungs and airways. We’ve rounded up a few at-home exercises that you can do easily do at your home.

  • Glute Bridge

This is the best exercise for warming up the muscles and glutes. You can begin with a regular glute bridge and move forward to a more effective single leg bridge. It targets your hamstrings and glutes.

  • Chair squat

Squats help in strengthening your legs and core. Stand in front of the chair. Your feet should be shoulder width apart and toes should be pointed in the forward direction.  Bend your knees and take your hips in a backward direction with your chest and head up.  Touch your chair with your butt and get back to the original position.

  • Step ups

Step-ups is a good exercise to form balance, stabilization and build strength. For extra resistance, you can add weight on either side of the body.

  • Wall sits

It’s the most effective exercise for activating your glutes and hamstrings. For a better workout, you can follow an approach of equal work and rest. For instance, you can work out for 40 seconds and rest for 40 seconds. You can repeat this exercise until you feel exhausted.

  • Push ups

It’s a full body exercise that enhances your strength.  It lays emphasis on your upper body and muscles. If you find difficulty in doing regular exercise, you can try knee pushups. It’s a beginner style push-up you can do before going for standard push-ups.

  • Shoulder taps

For building stability and strength, shoulder taps is the best exercise. There are a number of variations of shoulder taps you can try. It basically targets your transverse abdominals. It helps in strengthening your core and gaining stability.


  • Brain dog

It’s a simple exercise that increases stability and relieves you from back pain. It also makes your posture better. You should use the right techniques and alignment to get the most benefits from this exercise.

  • Bicycle crunches

This is an excellent exercise for improving your obliques, and rectus abdominis. Apart from toning your abs, this exercise will also help in toning your thighs because your hamstrings as well as your quads shall be used when you exercise.

  • Dead bug

This exercise helps in building your core muscles and improves stabilization.  It also protects your lower back and relieves your pain. It’s a supine abdominal exercise that is done by lying on your back.  You can begin this exercise by doing 1-3 sets daily and gradually increasing the number of sets.  You can perform advanced variations of this exercise once you have mastered it.

  • Burpees

It’s a high intensity exercise for improving your heart rate. Initially, you can try a 2:1 approach while doing this exercise. Push for 20 seconds, and then take a rest for 10 seconds. You should do this exercise repetitively for gaining full body endurance.

  • Mountain climbers

Mountain climbers help in building endurance, strength and stamina.  You can try its different variations. For instance, if you want your heart rate to be up, you should be fast.  By doing this exercise you’ll get a total-body workout. Your upper body begins to stabilize as to do the moves. Being a cardio exercise, it will benefit your heart health.

It’s the right time to inculcate exercise in your daily routine for gaining the health benefits. The coronavirus pandemic has offered unlimited time to improve your health by doing exercise while staying within the boundaries of your home.  There are unlimited videos on various online platforms that can guide you in doing exercise. So, buck up your belt and start exercising today!!!

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