COVID 19- Latest developments in the vaccine

COVID 19- Latest developments in the vaccine

Although a healthy diet and regular exercise routine are crucial for boosting immunity to protect the body from infectious diseases but the main essential that can significantly help in controlling the spread of the virus and infections is a vaccine.  A vaccine is a biological agent that protects the body from contacting infectious diseases. Vaccines are considered to be a huge relief from morbidity and play a crucial role in eliminating communicable diseases.

But one of the questions that the entire world is seeking an answer to is when will the vaccine for the COVID 19 be developed.  There is no doubt that if we want to return back to normalcy, we need a safe and effective vaccine. While antibody testing was considered to be a good indicator of COVID 19 but there is an urgent need for the vaccine to save the world. Well, scientists all over the world are putting in enormous efforts to find a vaccine for the COVID 19. Several treatments such as plasma therapies and antivirals are being used for managing the virus.

The foremost step in fighting the infection is building immunity. But there is no doubt that vaccine is imperative for getting the life and economies on the right track. Initially, the authorities were concerned about the safety of individuals but they finally gave the green signal. Presently there are around 140 vaccines that are in the development stage.  Around 12 vaccines are under pre-clinical trials.

What are the steps involved in creating the vaccine?

Developing a vaccine for the virus is not as easy as we think. It takes a period of around 12-18 months for developing an effective vaccine. The major steps involved in creating a vaccine are:

  • Thorough knowledge of the virus
  • Development of vaccine
  • Pre-clinical stage
  • Clinical testing of vaccine
  • Approval from the regulatory authorities.
  • Production and supplying the vaccine at large scale.

What are the latest developments in COVID 19 vaccine?

While the studies show that the perfect target for the vaccine is S-protein found on the surface of the virus. It’s an antigen that can be used in vaccine platforms. This has lead to the generation of the vaccine candidates. Before starting the clinical trials there are two steps that need to be accomplished. Initially, the trial of the vaccine takes place on the animal models to ensure that it is safe.  Secondly, the testing has to be done for toxicity in vaccines.

Several vaccines have started human trials but still, there are miles to go. It was also being claimed that childhood vaccines could be a cure against COVID 19. There are several vaccines that have reached the trial phase. In phase 1, the Moderna COVID 19 vaccine has shown positive results. The Sinovic COVID 19 vaccine has received permission for the phase 3 trial from the Brazilian national regulatory agency.

Still, there is a long way to go before returning back to normalcy.  Also, the human virus does not produce antibody responses for a longer period of time. Hence, the re-infection may take place even after an extended period.  For a vaccine to be effective, all these issues need to be resolved to ensure protection and safety from the virus.

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