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How to boost stamina In a natural way during Pandemic

As we slowly leave our homes and start going to the office, we discover that the stamina to do so is not there. It’s time to rewire: we just have to take small steps to get to where we want to be and do it in a systematic way.

‘COVID-19’ and ‘stay home’ are some of the most popular words for the past three months. The ongoing pandemic has made severe changes to our lifestyle, indirectly affecting our physical and psychological well-being. We go from working from the office to the writers in our house, from dining in restaurants to simply eating at home, from going to the gym every day to do daily housework: our lives are reconnected and our movements are restricted. While there are many who found a way to exercise on a daily basis and follow a healthy eating pattern, but for most of us it was just sitting down, eating all the delicious and decades-long homemade snacks, which we were missing due to the fever of life. daily.

Today, as we slowly leave our homes and start going to the office, we discover that the stamina to doing so is not there. We can easily and feel the need to strain mentally and physically to do what we used to do without putting in the extra effort. But do not worry! It’s time to rewire: we just have to take small steps to get to where we want to be and do it systematically.

Here are simple ways to boost your stamina:

  • Eat at the right time:

This is of great importance to our system. The waiting time is 30 minutes up or down. This means that the energy level remains stable and does not fluctuate from maximum to minimum. This will help your body calm down; This is to balance hormones, keeping you charged.

  • Eat Nutrient-Rich Foods:

One of the best things that happened during the blockage was that we ate fresh, homemade food, mostly from fresh ingredients. We learned how to make pizza and hamburgers at home, but all from fresh and healthy ingredients. Any food closest to its natural form, least processed and seasonal, is the best for your health. You can cheat food only 1-2 times a week. Nutrient-rich foods add health, while processed and refined foods add empty calories, leaving you without energy and feeling depressed. Fermented foods add beneficial bacteria that support intestinal health and the efficient absorption of nutrients.

  • Drink, drink and drink plenty of water:

We are in the thick of the summer and need hydration. Even mild dehydration leaves us exhausted; therefore, you need to take a sufficient amount of liquid, and a simple glass of water is the best option. But if drinking water alone is monotonous, you may have fresh lemon water, coconut water, fresh iced tea, a halger or an aman panna without sugar or with a minimum amount of sugar. Bael Sherbet is another amazing drink you can try. Again, rediscovering the food, I am sure that you must have found many traditional summer drinks that require very little work and are very moisturizing. But keep caffeine to a minimum!

  • Include nuts and seeds in your diet:

You can dunk them if you think that they are “gara” in the summer. You can even add nuts to your summer drinks. Almond tandai is a healthy drink that you can drink even in summer. We just need one ounce of nuts and seeds per day – 15-20 almonds, one walnut and a teaspoon of seeds. Nuts add healthy fats, fiber, protein and, most importantly, antioxidants, which are known to cleanse free radicals from our system. They are great for boosting immunity too.

  • Back to exercises:

Those who took this time to do nothing in the exercise space should restart. Never mind where you were when the lock occurred, you have to start all over again. Do not immediately return to a high level of exercise – go there slowly. And those who maintained an average level of exercise can move on to the next level, but gradually.

This is a test time, and although much has not yet been resolved, minimal social contact. We need to survive and find good habits that were supposed to process food at home, process food, hygiene of hands and body, spend quality time with family and sit still. Each cloud has a silver lining, and the sun shines after every dark night.

Be safe, be healthy and return to the zone!

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